Cipher hits Kickstarter goal for Auditorium 2

Cipher Prime's Kickstarter fund ended today, with the Philadelphia-based developer raising close to $70,000 for Auditorium 2: Duet. The crew credits the tremendous response to their fanbase and game sites that helped point people to the funding page.

"On Tuesday we all left the office for home shortly before midnight, pretty confident that we'd make it at some point during the night," said Associate Developer Andrei Marks. "Then we were all up until about one in the morning, texting each other like teen-age girls until we breached $60k. Verizon and AT&T probably did more celebrating than we did."

Cipher Prime has already started laying the groundwork for the game with some early prototyping, and it plans on restructuring its development tools, Marks said. One big goal is to add multiplayer.

Also, look for Duet's music to be "much different" from the original Auditorium. "We're going to be a little more ambitious here, and try and give the players greater freedom in creating unique music with each other as they play the game," Marks said. "We're looking to compose much more and much better music for the game, and part of the Kickstarter money will go toward the purchase of high quality instrument libraries."

Marks said he hopes the title will be ready for Christmas release.