Sour Patch Kids: World Gone Sour coming in April for $5

World Gone Sour is a game that shouldn't exist. Capcom has concocted a Teen-rated arcade game that's one part Sour Patch Kids, one part Method Man, and one part The Office. How did this game get greenlit--and what drugs were involved?

Described as an "irreverent puzzle platformer" by Capcom, World Gone Sour will be a real game that you can buy come April 10th on PlayStation Network (and April 11th on Xbox Live Arcade).

The downloadable game will be offered for $4.99 (400 Microsoft Points), and will have you controlling a mini-Sour Patch Kid taking part on an epic journey... to the human stomach. This adver-game will also support couch co-op, so you and a friend can share the high. Watch this new "story trailer" if you want to make sense of it all:

BOOM video 12241