.hack Versus is a PS3 fighting game

Slowly but surely, details on the new .hack game for PS3 are trickling out. Fans have been waiting since 2008's .hack//GU trilogy for a proper continuation of the niche RPG franchise. Unfortunately, their hopes will not be answered.

Titled .hack Versus, the upcoming .hack game bundled with the upcoming .hack movie, is a fighting game.

Famitsu has a first-look at the game, which is reminiscent of the Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm games--unsurprising, given the developer's work on that series. With Atlus and Arc System Works collaborating on a Persona fighting game, it seems RPGs-turned-fighting-games are all the rage nowadays.

.hack Versus will be available in Japan on June 28th, and will include 3D support. No American release has been announced, and given Namco Bandai's reluctance to localize the franchise's last game, .hack//Link for PSP, a US release for this fighting game is not guaranteed.