Angry Birds Space trailer shows off first gameplay

The Angry Birds are launching into space later this month. For a game that relies on gravity and trajectory, the sequel concept has led to some fair questions and cheeky observations. Today, Rovio took the wraps off the game, showing off gameplay footage, and even a little science demonstration by NASA astronaut Don Pettit.

The first gameplay trailer begins with Pettit broadcasting from the International Space Station. He walks us through the concept of trajectories, and how astronauts have to account for gravity when planning their route. This comes into play in the game, as your flying poultry will have to slingshot around small planetoids and other objects that create gravity fields.

The game is set to hit iOS, Android, PC, and Mac on March 22. It packs 60 puzzles, new birds, new "superhero" powers, and promises free regular updates along with microtransactions.

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