Stacking shuffles onto PC via Steam

Double Fine's charming Stacking is now available for PC through Steam, as was promised. Thanks to a launch discount, it'll only cost you $9.99 for now. It also comes complete with the matryoshka doll puzzler's trampy console DLC, The Lost Hobo King.

The launch discount is good until March 13. The regular price will be $14.99, same as on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3--but console players had to spend an extra $5 for Hobo King.

Double Fine is also celebrating the launch with a Steam sale on a bundle of Stacking, Costume Quest, and Psychonauts for only $19.99.

As with Costume Quest PC and the Steam re-release of Psychonauts, Double Fine is self-publishing Stacking. It was published by THQ on consoles but, as DF has explained in 2010, publishers "don't see enough financial reward" in bringing its games to PC. Evidently, Double Fine is doing just fine by itself--even aside from its wildly successful Kickstarter campaign for a new adventure game.

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