Stacking 'Lost Hobo King' DLC due in April

After teasing new content via Twitter, THQ and Double Fine have officially revealed the first downloadable content for the Matryoshka doll-starring adventure, Stacking. "The Lost Hobo King DLC" will hitchhike its way to the Xbox 360 and PS3 sometime in "early April," according to a press release [also on Facebook]. No price was announced for the content.

Charlie enters the world of the bindle in Stacking's first DLC add-on "The Lost Hobo King."

The add-on will follow Stacking's tiny hero Charlie as he treks to the kingdom of Camelfoot to help his homeless friend Levi sort an "important family matter." It seems Levi comes from royalty and in order for his uncle Rufus to take his rightful place on the throne of Hobo, he must "overcome several tests of valor left by the ancient hobo mystics." Where do we sign up? The press release promises a handful of new additions that the DLC will bring:
  • An all-new storyline sprinkled with Double Fine's signature charm;
  • A fully realized environment to explore – the lost hobo kingdom of Camelfoot;
  • Several new challenges, each with multiple solutions;
  • More than 15 new unique dolls, each with new abilities;
  • A new set of mischief making hi-jinks to discover and enjoy;
  • New achievements and trophies to earn