Indie Royale Alpha Collection bundle launches

The hippest, hoppest, happeningest trends sweeping indie games are alpha-funding and pay-what-you-want bundles, and baby, Indie Royale's got them both in one bag. The bundle merchant has launched its latest collection, packing together playable alpha versions of Towns, Wyv and Keep, and 3079 to support their development.

Wyv and Keep is A Jolly Corpse's pretty co-op puzzle-platformer, for you and a friend to dodge traps and solve puzzles locally or online. Towns is a "city building and management game," developer SMP says, where you build up a town to support the non-playable hero who plunders its dungeons and purge their monsters. Wyv and Keep. Then there's 3079, a procedurally-generated open-block-world RPG by Phr00t Software.

All the Indie Royale Alpha Collection #1 games are still, as the name suggests, in the alpha phase of development, but playable builds are already out and will be updated along the way. They'll all eventually hit PC, Mac and Linux, but not every alpha build is on all platforms so far. As well as straight downloads, you'll get keys to redeem the Mac and Linux versions on Desura.

As with all Indie Royale bundles, there's a minimum price which goes up as more people buy, but goes down when people pay above the average. To buy yours, head to the Indie Royale site. It'll run until 7am Pacific next Thursday, March 1.