Trend Micro offers internet security for Vita

Trend Micro is extending its internet security services to Sony's next handheld, the PS Vita. Originally available on the PSP and PS3, Trend Micro is offering two for-pay services designed to make the Vita's built-in internet browser a safer place to be. "Trend Micro Kids Safety" will filter sites unsafe for young eyes to see, while "Trend Micro Web Security" will block access to fraudulent and other "unsafe" websites.

Each service can be purchased individually for $19.99 a year, or bundled for $34.99 a year. Each Vita comes with a 90-day free trial, in case you want a test drive. Unfortunately, Trend Micro licenses activated for PS3 and PSP will not be transferable to the Vita.

Purchasing a subscription will take some jumps. You'll need to access the Trend Micro website, purchase a license, and then enter the information manually on the Vita browser. For more information, check out this step-by-step guide.