3G Vita launch bundle includes free 8GB memory card

On the fence about the PlayStation Vita? The 3G version's $300 sticker tag does seem rather steep. However, Sony's making it a bit more enticing by offering a "launch day bundle" for early adopters. Included for free with the 3G system is a bonus "worth $55": an 8GB Vita memory card (a $30 value), one month of 3G access (a $15 value), and a free PlayStation Network game.

"This SKU is part of a promotional offer and will sell out immediately so we strongly recommend that you purchase your PS Vita early to make sure you get the extra value," Sony's John Koller wrote on the PlayStation.Blog.

The bonus only applies to the vanilla 3G system. The wi-fi only system and the "First Edition" bundle are not eligible for the offer. The PlayStation Vita will be available on February 22nd.