Report: The Old Republic 'unsubscribe' option missing for some

Star Wars: The Old Republic has its share of bugs like any large-scale MMO, but one error is getting in the way of even quitting. Some users have complained that the "Cancel Subscription" button has gone missing, right on the eve of the free month expiring for launch day buyers.

Before you grab your tinfoil hats and take to the Internets to stage a revolt, though, know that Massively reports that BioWare is looking into the problem, and so far it seems to think the error is with some browsers. In the meantime, BioWare is recommending that you give them an ol-fashioned phone call to cancel if you're having trouble doing it online.

"We are aware there is an issue with account management on our website and apologize for any inconvenience," a representative told Shacknews. "We have identified the issue and can confirm it will be resolved shortly."