Tomb Raider gets real-world treasure hunting tie-in

The upcoming Tomb Raider series reboot is getting a real-world treasure hunting promotional tie-in contest, thanks to a partnership developer Crystal Dynamics has forged with Geocaching.com. For those not in-the-know, Geocaching bills itself as "the world's largest location-based real-world treasure hunting experience." Using the Geocaching mobile app or traditional GPS, folks can hunt for "caches" hidden in real-world locations.


It's pretty easy to understand how Geocaching would tie-in to a Tomb Raider promotion. Though the specific types of Lara Croft-like challenges that will be included have yet to be described, Crystal Dynamics has revealed that the project "will use both the traditional Geocaching.com treasure hunting format as well as Groundspeak's latest photo-based adventure project, Geocaching Challenges."

There's also no word yet as to whether enterprising treasure hunters will have to contend deadly traps, bandits, or dangerous animals while hunting for the real-world loot. All one can do is hope, I guess.