Xbox 360 reaches 66 million sales, Kinect at 18 million

Microsoft had a lot to brag about during its CES keynote. It proudly announced that Xbox 360 was "the top selling console in North America in 2011," a feat made obvious by following the monthly NPD data. According to MS, Xbox 360 has now reached 66 million sales. Microsoft is still trailing the Wii by about 30 million units, but it's certainly not a figure to scoff at.

Kinect, which launched slightly over a year ago, has sold an impressive 18 million units worldwide. (At this rate, Kinect will outsell the original Xbox by next year.) There are also nearly 40 million Xbox Live members, including free accounts.

Video was also a big emphasis for Microsoft at CES this year. The company touted that the "hours of video consumed globally on Xbox Live increased 140 percent from 2010 to 2011." That makes sense, given the amount of content partners Microsoft has secured for its Dashboard relaunch.

"More than 60 percent of US Xbox Live Gold members used entertainment apps on Xbox Live" during December, when the new Dashboard was available for all, Microsoft stated in a press release. Gold members watched "an average of an hour a day each." With figures like that, it appears Microsoft's strategy to turn the Xbox 360 from games console to media hub is definitely working.