Gundam Seed Battle Destiny announced for Vita

It may not be the newest Gundam series, but it will be the first to appear on Sony's new handheld. Artdink, the studio behind the Gundam Vs. games for PSP, is developing Gundam Seed Battle Destiny for the Vita.

The game appears to play similarly to the PSP games, with the addition of Vita-centric controls. The right analog stick will control the camera (naturally), and touch screen icons will let you switch gear.

Siliconera notes that Destiny Gundam, Impulse Gundam, Strike Freedom Gundam, Akatsuki, Aegis Gundam, Justice Gundam, Gundam Astray Blue Flame Second Rev., and Gundam Astray Red Flame Rev. are all featured in the game. The game appears to feature a rather comprehensive overview of the Seed series, covering events and characters of the original, Destiny, Astray, MSV, and more.

A Japanese release is set for Spring. No US release has been announced--and Gundam games only sporadically get localized.