Kid Icarus: Uprising online multiplayer confirmed

Even in this day and age, not all Nintendo games with multiplayer features will support online connectivity. Kid Icarus: Uprising is not one of those games. The not particularly thrilling multiplayer mode for the upcoming 3DS shooter will support both ad-hoc and online 3v3 play, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata confirmed in a Japanese video yesterday.

"The game is going through final tuning," Andriasang's live blog noted. Good thing, too--the game is scheduled for release in March.

Uprising was originally scheduled for a busy holiday release, but was delayed because "the development team has determined that more time is needed to complete the game." It's likely the addition of online support was part of this delay.

Developed by Project Sora, Kid Icraus: Uprising's multiplayer mode may also provide a valuable testing ground for the team's next 3DS project: Smash Bros.