Star Wars: The Old Republic already invaded by 'credit-farmers'

Massively-multiplayer role-playing games have spawned few things more ridiculous than businesses created for the sole purpose of playing said games for their customers. Traditionally known as "gold farmers," they allow players to pay real world money for in-game credits and other amenities, rather than earning their own rewards.

It was bound to happen eventually, but at least one such company--IGXE--has already announced that it's set up shop to offer its services to misguided interested players of Star Wars: The Old Republic.

The service is called SWTOR Credits (after the official in-game currency). Even though The Old Republic doesn't officially release to those without early-access until Tuesday of next week, IGXE is already claiming "massive orders from fans," and only "a limited number of cheap stock" currently available.

A cursory view of the SWTOR Credits store reveals a description of the program. It's not a very good sales pitch, but makes for a chuckle-worthy read. Here's an unedited snippet:

If you consider PVE and Raids, you need to have some good weapons and the armors, and the people become more interested to get you in the group. They realize that you can damage more. Regarding crafting, you have to have the best materials to make the best equipment. If you are unable to have the best equipments, it becomes difficult for you to be a great crafter on your server. Even you are a talented one, the only one hit can take you down and you lose.

Naturally, the other, more popular perspective is that if you're paying someone to play your game for you, you're doing it wrong.

Star Wars: The Old Republic officially launches on December 20 for PC.