Kinectimals coming to iOS, continues Microsoft expansion on Apple

We're not sure who turned on the switch, but Microsoft has been showing a lot of love for iOS lately. Just a few days after releasing an official Xbox Live app and Halo Waypoint for Apple's mobile platform, it has launched a brand new game to the App Store.

Kinectimals, the game that teaches children that it's perfectly okay to play with lions and bears, is now available for your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

Available now for $2.99, the universal app appears to be a straight port of the Windows Phone version released earlier this year. The standalone game will let you take care of your own pet, with new touch-screen ways of interacting with the animal. As with the WP7 game, you'll also be able to unlock "five new cubs" on the console version by downloading this app. Xbox Live achievements won't be included, of course.