Shack PSA: EA Origin hosting 'Green Monday' sale

If you missed out on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can still catch a few good deals on EA's Origin today. Origin seems to be one of the only retailers celebrating Green Monday, which is apparently an actual established thing on the second Monday of December. Go figure. The sale is offering a whopping 40% off store-wide, with certain restrictions.

That means through the end of today, you can grab Battlefield 3 for $35.99, Batman: Arkham City for $29.99, and Need for Speed: The Run for $29.99. Origin promises over 200 games are discounted today, so comb through the store for any that might catch your fancy, and keep in mind this covers console games as well as PC digital downloads.

Update: You'll be able to save an additional $10 off a $30 purchase with coupon code DECTEN.

Note, though, that certain third-party games are exempt from the deal, along with Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Downloadable content and pre-orders aren't discounted either, for obvious reasons. Still, the selection seems pretty large, so if you've been waiting to hit up some games now might be a good time.