Android Marketplace celebrates 10 billion app downloads with 10 cent Minecraft

Android Marketplace has just pushed its 10 billionth download. To celebrate, Google is launching 10 days of offers, with "top premium apps" being priced at only 10 cents each. Of course, games are a big part of the app ecosystem, and you'll be able to pick up quite a number of bargains today, like Minecraft: Pocket Edition for a dime.

The Android version of Minecraft won't give you the full experience of its PC brethren, but for ten cents, it's really quite hard to complain. Other games included in today's promotion are: Asphalt 6, Great Little War Game, and Fieldrunners HD.

There are some great apps on sale as well. We recommend SoundHound Infinity and SwiftKey X. Check out all the bargains directly on your phone, or here.

(via The Verge)