EA: Online Passes 'do not expire' as long as game is still supported

Electronic Arts has told Shacknews that 'Online Pass' codes, which are included in select games giving users access to multiplayer components and additional bonuses, are not intended to expire. The publisher says it will work to resolve any issues players have with invalid codes.

Last week, members of the gaming forum NeoGAF noted that one-use codes included in copies of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit were no longer valid, leading some to speculate the codes had an unadvertised expiration date. An earlier report suggested unused codes will expire over time; however, EA tells Shacknews that report was incorrect, saying "as long as EA's servers support that product" included codes should not expire.

The EA spokesperson told Shacknews: "EA Online Pass codes for first-purchase games do not expire as long as EA’s servers support that product. Customer service is our top priority – anyone encountering a problem redeeming an Online Pass for an EA game should contact EA Customer Support at 866-543-5435 for assistance."

Shacknews informed EA that users are still encountering issues with replacement codes, but the publisher maintains continued contact with customer service will resolve the issue. "[Users encountering issues] should continue to contact customer support," the spokesperson said. "As long as the game is still supported by EA servers, customer support is able to provide valid replacement codes that will work."