Square Enix developing action RPG for PS3 and Vita

With Final Fantasy XIII-2 wrapping up, what will Square Enix's 1st Production Department move on to? Apparently, a new cross-platform Vita and PS3 action RPG.

A series of new job listings reveal a new action RPG in development for both Sony products. The game will utilize the Unity engine, a first for Square Enix.

According to the job listings (via Andriasang), numerous gameplay elements involving "airships" are mentioned, including flying over a world map, and playing within the airship. (Final Fantasy XII airships pictured, above.)

It's likely the multi-platform Unity engine is being utilized to take advantage of the Vita and PS3's various connectivity features. Games like MotorStorm RC are identical across the two platforms, and allow one purchase to be played across both devices. Both platforms can share save files, meaning Square Enix's new RPG could theoretically be played continuously at home and on the go. Wipeout 2048 features multiplayer play between Vita and PS3--a feature Square Enix can also take advantage of.