Final Fantasy Type-0 sequel in development

While Square Enix has yet to announce plans to bring Final Fantasy Type-0 to the US, the game has been enough of a success in Japan to warrant a sequel. The long-in-development PSP game, formerly known as Final Fantasy Agito XIII, sold nearly 500,000 units in one week across the Pacific, and received a near-perfect score in Famitsu.

With figures like that, it should come as no surprise that Square Enix is already planning a sequel to the game.

Hajime Tabata, director of Type-0, spoke to Famitsu (via Andriasang) about his current plans. Tabata says that he's working on "nothing at the moment," but would like to work on a follow-up to the Parasite Eve sequel, The 3rd Birthday. However, he believes "Square Enix policy will require that he work on something else," specifically, a sequel to Type-0.

He told the magazine that the "framework" for the sequel was already being worked on.

Earlier this year, Square Enix had registered trademarks for Final Fantasy Type-1, Type-2, and Type-3, which should give us a pretty good idea of what the next "Type" game will be titled.

While a localized release of the game is still in the air, here's a look at the dark, bloody direction the Type series is taking: