Rainbow Six Patriots' tactical options, multiplayer lobbies detailed

Though Rainbow 6 Patriots isn't expected until 2013, its recently released 'target gameplay' trailer and unique premise has sparked a lot of interest. Ubisoft provided a few more answers today, detailing some of the planned features for the title, along with a few images of what the team is going for. They're not screenshots, but they do provide a little better idea of what to expect from the eventual game. focalbox The story for the game takes a grabbed-from-the-headlines approach, pitting the Rainbow team against domestic terrorists fed up with corporate and political greed. As the leader of the team, the player will be able lay out a tactical plan, or use a one-button system to command the squad to take the most effective action given the situation. Once in combat, the cover and weapon systems have been redesigned, with rappel and breach mechanics enhanced with new techniques such as wall and ceiling breach, fast rope rappel, inverted 'Aussie style rappel,' and infiltrate and subdue, and more. Multiplayer also sees improvements, starting with the pre-game lobby. A 'sandtable' holographic display will let players put together their plan of attack before launching the match. The press release also promises that Patriots will reward teamwork and use of the good squad communication and tactics. How exactly that works will be something to watch for as we learn more about the game in the coming months.

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