Rainbow Six Patriots inspired by original novel

Aside from a brief plot description and impressive target trailer, Rainbow Six Patriots is fairly mysterious. Given its planned 2013 release, it's no surprise. However, creative director David Sears talked about Ubisoft's plans to incorporate moral dilemmas and emphasize physicality like never before.

"These sorts of things, we wanted to bring back, because if you read the original novel Rainbow Six, it's extremely physical. All of the Rainbow characters move with an almost wolf-like grace and aggression. That's not something we saw in Rainbow Six before, but it's something we're focused and committed to delivering this time."

In order to recreate the feel of the decade-old Tom Clancy novel, Ubisoft has to refocus their efforts on characterization. "What we were never achieving, really, was fundamental humanity and realization of our characters," Sears said. "They might look pretty good, but were they giving really human performances? Were we seeing top-notch animation?"

Beyond animation, the original novels are serving as inspiration for the ethical grays the game will explore. "[There] is this attitude in the original Rainbow that, we're going to do whatever it takes to get our man. We're going to save as many people as possible, and in order to do this, sometimes we tread a gray path," Sears said in a Game Informer video interview. "That's certainly at the forefront of this Rainbow Six. This is the idea that you may have to take a shot that could get someone, some innocent bystander, killed. Or you may take a shot even after a terrorist has surrendered. That's throughout all of the original novels, but it's not something you've seen in our series here at Ubisoft to date."