GameStop sued over employee security checks

Video game retail giant GameStop has found its mandatory security checks on employees the subject of a new lawsuit. According to Superior Court of California documents discovered by GameSpot, the suit does not revolve around privacy concerns, but around GameStop's unpaid time used during security checks of employees when they take meals or breaks.

Filed seeking class-action status, the suit alleges GameStop's policy fails to provide employees with uninterrupted breaks, as per California State law. The law ensures employees receive a 30-minute meal break per five-hour shift and a 10-minute break per four-hour shift. According to the filing, hourly employees are not compensated for the time it takes to check them for potentially stolen property.

Other allegations are included in the class-action suit, including a note that GameStop fails to compensate employees for shifts exceeding eight hours in length as well as the company's lack of itemized wage statements, which is also required by California State law.

The suit seeks one hour's worth of pay for each day GameStop neglects to abide by meal and rest break periods as well as any other damages determined by the court.

Shacknews has contacted GameStop for comment, but has not heard back at the time of publishing.

Based on personal experience, security checks typically include an employee opening any bags or large pockets they have to show products have been been hidden. The process takes less than three minutes, which based on the $8.00 minimum wage equals to about .39 cents of unpaid wages.