EA's Origin digital service updated

Fresh from the launch of Battlefield 3, Electronic Arts has issued a new update for its digital Origin service. The new Version 8.3.7 update brings a number of fixes that will likely be invisible to most, but the patch is also meant to improve the performance of both "game updates and the Origin browser."

We've included the log of changes below, as captured from the official announcement. If the list doesn't address something specific you were hoping it would, EA asserts this patch is "just one step in a series of continuing improvements."

Origin Version 8.3.7 changes:

  • Fixes an issue that caused downloads to go past 100% completion.

  • Users installing the Russian disc version of Battlefield 3 will no longer be improperly asked to insert Disc 1.

  • Fixes a number of issues that previously caused the Origin client to crash.

  • Improves the performance of the Origin browser when loading Flash-based applications.

  • Addresses a number of minor localization and user experience issues.

  • Adds the ability to download and install third-party games from Origin.

  • Improves the performance of the game update functionality.

  • Made changes so that Origin now uses ProgramData\Origin by default.