Modern Warfare 3 killstreaks listed

When Modern Warfare 3 hits tomorrow, you'll probably want to know a thing or two about killstreaks. The powerful bonuses have been a defining feature for the series, and this year they're being redefined as Strike Packages. We already knew they'd come in three flavors, but now we're getting a look at exactly how each one will break down.


Game Informer lists the three types of Strike Packages with a full list of their rewards. The Assault Strike Package is most similar to past COD games, offering perks like a UAV (3 kills), precision airstrike (6 kills), and an AH-6 Overwatch chopper (9 kills). The largest reward is the Osprey Gunner (17 kills) which lays down cover fire from a chopper while delivering packages to teammates.

The Support Strike Package is meant more for players who want to lend a hand, and it distinguishes itself from the other two by not resetting upon death. That makes the rewards a bit weaker or require higher kill counts; the UAV requires 4 instead of 3, for example. Others include a Recon Drone (10 kills), Remote Turret (12 kills), and Juggernaut Recon suit (18 kills).

Finally, the Specialist Strike Package lets you set specific perks at certain counts, giving you the ability to create ideal conditions for specific game modes. You could set yourself to run faster with Extreme Conditioning after a few kills in Domination to reach the next flag, for example. You can set the perks to unlock after 2, 4, and 6 kills, and at 8 kills all of your perks will be active at once.

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