Indie Royale launches biweekly 'pay what you want' bundles

The Humble Indie Bundle popularized the 'pay what you want' model for indie games. Now, new site Indie Royale is running with it. Every two weeks, Indie Royale will launch a 'pay what you want' bundle of four indie games, but with a minimum price that rises and falls depending on how generous customers are.

The first bundle is available now, packing Gemini Rue, Sanctum, Nimbus, and A.R.E.S.: Extinction Agenda.


Indie Royale is a collaboration between folks behind games blog IndieGames.com and indie-oriented digital distributor Desura.

Bundles launch with a minimum price of $1.99, but this will slowly increase as people buy it. However, paying more than the minimum can knock the minimum price down a little for everyone else. Check out the FAQ for the complex workings of it all.

At the time of writing, the launch bundle has a minimum price of $5.24 after 22,424 bundles have been sold.

A new Indie Royale bundle will launch every fortnight, then be on sale for five days. Steam activation keys will be offered for games which support them, while "the majority" can be activated on Desura, and others can be downloaded direct from Indie Royale. Indie Royale intends to offer Windows, Mac, and Linux versions where possible.

With the launch bundle, Indie Royale is also throwing in extra Sanctum downloadable content packs at sales milestones. Steam keys for Gemini Rue, which only launched on Steam yesterday, are coming.