Diablo 3 Collector's Edition detailed

While Diablo III will be offered free to World of Warcraft Annual Pass subscribers, even they might still want to splash out for the very fancy Collector's Edition unveiled during BlizzCon.

Packed into a stylish box, you'll find a 208-page art book, 24-track soundtrack CD, documentary DVD, and, of course, a copy of the action-RPG, Blizzard has revealed.

You also get a snazzy 4GB USB thumbdrive shaped like a soulstone, complete with a Diablo skull base to plunge it into. It comes pre-loaded with Diablo II and its expansion Lord of Destruction, much as Blizzard included the original StarCraft with the StarCraft II CE.

The CE includes cosmetic in-game bonuses for Diablo III, World of Warcraft and SC2 too. In D3 you get "glowing angel wings," an exclusive banner, and armor dye. The WoW bonus is a Fetish Shaman pet, and you'll get bonus unit decals and Battle.net portraits for SC2.

Blizzard says it will announce the price of the Diablo III Collector's Edition price "in the months ahead." Amazon and GameStop both list it at $99.99 for now.

If you missed it over the weekend, have a gander at the 'Black Soulstone' cinematic Blizzard released during BlizzCon:

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