New XIII game coming to PC, iOS

Ubisoft's XIII didn't set the world on fire when it debuted on PS2 and Xbox in 2003. Eight years later, a new publisher is taking a stab at the comic book property with a new game coming to PC, Mac, and iOS devices. The tease implies a November release date, but doesn't give further details.

Gamasutra reports that the game promises to "go back to the XIII conspiracy origins." The story of the comics revolves around an amnesiac protagonist named XIII who discovers a conspiracy to form a coup in the United States.

The new game comes from French publisher Anuman Interactive. The company has mostly made PC titles and iPhone apps, so this seems right up their alley. The company announced plans for a New York City office to assist in US distribution last year, so we may see this game hit our shores.

[Screenshot from the Ubisoft's XIII.]