Final Fantasy XIII-2 gets long NYCC trailer

Final Fantasy XIII-2 seems like it's making good on some complaints from the first game, but so far the trailers haven't done much to explain what's driving the sequel's plot. Something about Lightning disappearing, and time-travel, and a kid who looks like Justin Beiber as dressed by Tetsuya Nomura.

That's why this latest trailer, released alongside New York Comic-Con gives us some hope. It's a full seven minutes long, and a large portion of that time is plot and dialogue.

Which is not to say that we understand the story any better, even after seeing it. In fact, we might be more confused, but at least it clears up why Lightning is missing. Kind of. It also makes time for some new characters, a battle montage including monster party members, minigames, and a ballad.

You know what? You should probably just watch it for yourself.

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