Inafune's Kaio King Of Pirates revealed

Former Capcom executive Keiji Inafune has revealed another game from his new ventures. This time, he's taken the wraps off of a 3DS action-RPG titled Kaio King Of Pirates. The cute trailer shows a variety of animal characters dressed as swarthy sea dogs, sword-fighting and swashing buckles and such. The trailer is completely in Japanese, but in a good sign for a domestic release, it already includes translated subtitles.

The official site (via Edge) includes a statement from Inafune on his vision for the game. "In battle, the strong wins and not necessarily the right," he wrote. "In battle, the last man standing is right. If this is true, what is need for heroes is not 'righteousness' but 'strength.'" Heady stuff for a game with a pirate monkey.

"There's still some work to be done before completion. Meanwhile, please watch the teaser trailer over and over and wait for Kaio patiently. All good things come to those who wait. I will not disappoint you."

This game is coming next year from Intercept in conjunction with Marvelous AQL. Intercept is one of Inafune's two companies formed after leaving Capcom. His other company, Comcept, is working on a mobile game.

Check out the trailer below. It doesn't show off any gameplay, but you should get a pretty good idea of the art style and world, and the few lines of dialogue are translated already.