Orcs Must Die! PC demo released

With action-tower defense Orcs Must Die! arriving on Xbox Live Arcade tomorrow and PC next week, developer Robot Entertainment has handily released a demo to let us all try our hand at fending off hordes of greenskin cads.

The PC demo is a 1.1GB download through Steam. It contains three levels with a selection of traps and upgrades, giving a fair taste of how it feels to set diabolical machines and beat the orcs into pulp with your own weapons and magic.

You can also now pre-order the full game from Steam for $14.99 ahead of its October 12 launch, where a shiny special in-game outfit and weapon are on offer as incentive.

There's no demo for the Xbox 360 edition yet but, as it's an XBLA game, one will be on offer when it launches tomorrow.