Deus Ex: Human Revolution pre-order DLC now sold separately

The true measure of any video game is, of course, the number of weapons it has, but sadly some of Deus Ex: Human Revolution's were tied up in retailer-exclusive pre-order bonuses. Not so anymore, as they're now being sold separately as downloadable content. By my calculations, the game just got 18.2% better.

Due to an unspecified "technicality," the packs won't be available on PlayStation 3 in North America until "mid-October," though Europeans can buy the DLC now. Presumably the issue's related to the packs being retailer-exclusive pre-order bonuses for a period of time.

The Explosive Mission Pack adds one extra mission, a mighty grenade launcher, the consumable Automatic Unlocking Device gizmos for insta-hacks, and remote-detonated explosive packs. The bonus mission is a bit short and unspectacular, but it does feature a character from the original Deus Ex, and is pleasant enough. It'll cost you $2.99 (240 Microsoft Points) through Steam and the Xbox Live Marketplace.

The Tactical Enhancement Pack contains a stylish double-barreled hunting shotgun, a silenced sniper rifle, and 10,000 bonus credits for Adam to spend. It'll run you $1.99 (160 MS Points) on Steam and Xbox 360.

On Steam, you can also buy both packs in a bundle for only $3.99, saving you a buck.

If you want new areas and story content rather than guns and gubbins, look out for the 'Missing Link' DLC in October. Check out our preview and video interview with Eidos Montreal game designer Antoine Thisdale for more on that.