The Darkness explained in video recap

What is the Darkness, you ask? In case you missed out on the original game... or your memory is fuzzy from 2007, 2K Games has released a three minute video that covers all the basics. You'll learn exactly what the Darkness is, and who Jackie Estacado is. You'll see how Jackie's relationship with the mob gets a bit messy to say the least, thanks to his demon arms.

Just be warned: the video is not for the queasy. Who knew humans were so... fragile?

In addition to summarizing the events so far, the video introduces a new jittery character from the forthcoming sequel. Johnny Powell, the video's narrator, will play a key role in the game, but it's unclear how.

BOOM video 10594

The Darkness II will be available on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 on February 7, 2012.