Gotham City Impostors beta invites going out

Some lucky chumps are getting early access to a hotly anticipated Batman game. No, the other one. Beta invites are going out for next year's Gotham City Impostors, the multiplayer game that bizarrely pays homage to Batman by dressing up like him and using an arsenal of guns. The first wave of invites has been sent, and the actual beta proper is supposed to start in the coming weeks.

Joystiq reports that those who received a beta invite are supposed to register on the game's forums, so that you can give feedback. A follow-up e-mail will come once the game enters its official beta test, with download instructions. For now, though, rest assured that if you got the first e-mail, you'll be in the beta. The e-mail doesn't mention successive waves, but the game isn't due until winter 2012, so we have to imagine Monolith will be rolling it out to more roving Bat-fans.

Check out a gameplay trailer below:

BOOM video 10043