DmC: Devil May Cry TGS trailer shows off Demon Trigger

Ever since Capcom and Ninja Theory revealed the redesigned Dante for DmC: Devil May Cry, fans have been up in arms. Every trailer released since has tried to convince gamers: hey, maybe things aren't too different, okay? In this new trailer from Tokyo Game Show, we see "emo Dante" doing what he does best: unleashing a flurry of combo-able attacks. You'll even see the Devil Trigger mode, where Dante's hair turns white, and his jacket becomes bright red. Is that enough to appease the naysayers?

One notable addition to Ninja Theory's take on the franchise is the rather surreal look of the environments. They seem much more dream-like, and appear to offer some platforming elements as well.

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DmC Devil May Cry is slated to hit Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in 2012.