Final Fantasy X remake coming to Vita and PS3

During its TGS 2011 conference, Sony and Square Enix revealed that a remake of a game in the popular Final Fantasy series is on the way. No, sadly, it isn't that Final Fantasy VII remake you've all been dreaming about.

Final Fantasy X--one of my personal "must play" titles for the PS2--is coming to the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3. Details on what the "remake" will include are scarce; however, we assume it's simply an HD port of the classic title.

Final Fantasy X first launched on the PlayStation 2 in North America on December 20, 2001. It achieved critical acclaim, scoring a Metacritic average of 92.

Though Sony first showed off the power of the PlayStation 3 with a short tech demo based on the introduction of Final Fantasy VII, Square Enix has yet to succumb to fan outcry and confirm a remake of the classic title is in the works. They have, however, announced three hundred games in the Final Fantasy XIII universe... give or take.