Red Dead Redemption Game of the Year Edition coming in October

Red Dead Redemption is getting a re-release. And sorry, Windows users--it's not the long-demanded PC port. Red Dead Redemption "Game of the Year" Edition is coming to North America on October 11th for PS3 and Xbox 360. As expected, this "definitive edition" includes all the additional content created for the game, including today's free "Myths and Mavericks" pack. The GOTY Edition includes a "brand-new hardcore single-player mode," for those of you wanting a bit more of a challenge and the following add-ons:
  • Undead Nightmare
  • Liars and Cheats
  • Hunting and Trading Outfits
  • Outlaws to the End
  • Myths and Mavericks

GOTY box art

In addition, the GOTY Edition also includes all content available as pre-order bonuses, such as the Deadly Assassin outfit, War Horse, and the Golden Guns Weapon pack. The formerly PS3-exclusive Solomon's Folly gang hideout and challenges will also be included for the first time on the Xbox 360. "We wanted to create a world that captured the spirit of the Western," said Sam Houser, Founder of Rockstar Games. "We are thrilled that Red Dead Redemption's vision of the West resonated with so many people." The Game of the Year Edition will be available for $49.99.