Wing Commander 3 lands on GOG

Mark Hamill has arrived in exciting, revolutionary and futuristic FMV. Following the re-release of the first two Wing Commander games on Good Old Games last month, Origin's 1994 classic Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger has touched down on the DRM-free digital distributor.


Packing bonus goodies including the script, game bible, novelisation, and deleted scenes, Wing Commander III costs $5.99 on GOG.

Wing Commander III introduced the space combat sim series to 3D polygons and full motion video, two technologies heralded as the future of gaming. One went on to be the foundation of almost every AAA game, while the other, well, certainly was exciting at the time, at least. The game boasts several hours of FMV cinematics, starring actors including Malcolm McDowell, John Rhys-Davies, and, of course, Mark Hamill as the main character.