Saints Row: The Third has about 40 weeks of DLC planned

We reported back in July that THQ has big post-release plans for their next installment of open-wold urban mayhem, amounting to "nearly a year" of DLC. CEO Brian Farrell recently reaffirmed the plan, though with a bit more specificity. At the recent Cloud Gaming USA conference, Farrell noted that Saints Row: The Third already has somewhere in the neighborhood of forty weeks worth of downloadable content planned.


Though specifics about what sort of things might be offered as Saints Row DLC still weren't discussed, Farrell did note that post-launch support is a significant part of THQ's strategy. "We totally change how we keep consumer engaged for a very long time," he said. "We intend to create an online digital ecosystem that keeps them interested for a year or more."

THQ recently tried a slightly different mass-DLC approach with its off-road racer, MX vs. ATV Alive, selling the game for $39.99 at retail and offering a robust list of DLC options. The game didn't end up selling as well as they'd hoped, in-part, Farrell thinks, because $39.99 "just wasn't low enough to drive a big enough install base to push the level of DLC we had initially hoped for."

(via Joystiq)