Saint's Row: The Third plan includes 'nearly a year' of DLC

During an investor relations call, THQ chief executive Brian Farrell stated that the publisher is looking to increase post-launch revenues for its core titles by 20 percent.

Part of the plan, Farrell said, is to plan an aggressive campaign for post-launch content for its core titles. The first title slated to follow THQ's new digital direction is Saint's Row: The Third. "The idea is to really drive the key titles," Farrell noted.

When it launches, Saint's Row: The Third will include a Season Pass that will give players free access to a number of future downloadable content releases. The DLC plan is scheduled to then continue with content that will run for "nearly a year," additional microtransactions, and an in-game store.

Though it wouldn't break down specific numbers, THQ revealed that it has "doubled digital revenues this year versus last year." The strategy is geared to be attached to all of the company's core titles; however, Farrell notes that THQ will "take [its] foot off the gas for the titles that don't have as much traction" under the new model.