Zynga announces Adventure World

Zynga has announced another social game, this one built heavily on the tone of Indiana Jones. Titled "Adventure World," the game promises puzzles and a more traditional adventure game approach. The trailer teases bringing friends along with your adventuring, but doesn't specify how the social tools in this game will work.

Adventure World takes place in an isometric perspective, and the setting and environmental puzzles seem to indicate that this is Zynga's next shot at appealing to core gamer sensibilities. No release date was disclosed, but Zynga tends to give only a few days' warning before launching a new game.

This is the company's second attempt to appeal to the hardcore, after launching the strategy game Empires & Allies earlier this year. Empires & Allies was created after picking up talent from the Command & Conquer series, so it had its roots in a revered franchise.

Meanwhile, Edge reports that Zynga's IPO plans have been put on hold thanks to adverse market conditions. The company now plans to go public in November at the earliest. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has questioned Zynga's revenue stream, as less than 5% of its users buy virtual goods.

Check out the trailer below, and consider whether this will be the social game to hook you.