Xbox Live Indie Games Summer Uprising starts

Those raucous indie games are kicking up a fuss again with the launch of the community-run Summer Uprising on Xbox Live Indie Games today. Ten specially-selected titles will be released under the banner over the next fortnight, hopefully bringing renewed attention to the neglected corner of the Xbox garden.

The first Summer Uprising game, 2D stabathon Raventhorne, can be bought now from the Xbox Live Marketplace. Then, a new game will follow every week day for the next two weeks:

You'll notice that it's a very neat and orderly schedule, thanks to XBLIG's new-found ability to set specific release dates. The Winter Uprising went a bit pear-shaped last year without this feature, so huzzah for the Summer Uprising.

Here's the launch trailer, showing of all the Uprising's members:

BOOM video 10179