Bodycount demo out on Xbox 360 now, PS3 later

Do you hate the world? The demo for Codemasters' destruction-mad shooter Bodycount might not let you outright end everything and put us all out of our unending misery, but it will let you smash up a small virtual corner of it. The demo launched today on Xbox 360, and "will follow" for PlayStation 3.

"The demo of Bodycount takes place very early in the game and what we've gone for is a really good display of what Bodycount's capable of, and what players can expect when they buy the full game," says level designer Andrew Parsons in an accompanying trailer. Better hope you enjoy the demo, then.

As is customary, the Xbox 360 demo is presently exclusive to Xbox Live Gold members. With the game launching on August 30, presumably the PS3 demo isn't too far off.

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