Street Fighter X Tekken's 'Cross Assaults' explained

Enough with the teases, already! Capcom has finally released a proper trailer for its upcoming collaboration with Namco, Street Fighter X Tekken, just in time for Gamescom. This new three minute trailer goes into explicit detail, showing which button combinations will allow you to tag-team opponents. Don't know how to use a launcher? Or a Switch Cancel? Don't worry, this video will show you everything you need to know.

Oh, and you'll get to see Ibuki, Hugo, and Raven in action for the first time too.

Keeping with the legacy of these two fighting series, combos are quite spectacular in the game. The "Cross Rush" feature makes it easy (too easy?) to pull off some fun-looking combos. Finally, "Cross Assaults" are being described as the "centerpiece" of the crossover's gameplay. Check it out for yourself:

BOOM video 10053