Street Fighter X Tekken teases two more characters

Another two Street Fighter X Tekken pugilists were teased by producer Yoshinori Ono with a pair of trailers at the EVO fighting games championships in Las Vegas over the weekend.

The first fighter teased appears to be Street Fighter's Ibuki, but there's no doubting the other. With shaggy brown fur, powerful claws and giant flesh-tearing teeth, it's surely a bear, and only one of those springs to mind: Tekken's Kuma. Yes, a bear.

Street Fighter X Tekken is headed to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in 2012. A PlayStation Vita edition is also in the works, on which developer Capcom promises more details "in the future." Capcom once listed a PC version on its fact sheet, but later said that was a mistake, so who knows what's going on there? Namco Bandai's retort, Tekken X Street Fighter, is still in the planning stages.

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