Dota 2 tournament to be live-streamed

Valve has released some pretty (and familiar) bits of concept art for Dota 2, but we haven't yet seen the game in action. That should be addressed in the upcoming million-dollar tournament to be held at Gamescom 2011, which will not only show plenty of the game, but will be live-streamed to the world.

The announcement came from the game's official site, which also confirmed that it would be broadcast in multiple languages: English, Chinese, German, and Russian. The tournament will span all five days of the German trade show from August 17-21, but exact times haven't been disclosed.

The name "Dota" is a reference to Defense of the Ancients, a popular mod for Warcraft 3. Dota 2 isn't a direct sequel to that mod, but Valve is clearly banking on the name a bit. Valve's trademark of the Dota name has led one developer to file its own trademark for the mod title.