Serious Sam 3 includes split screen co-op

Croteam is sticking to its physically impossible to carry by any normal man guns, and are creating a modern-day love letter to shooters of yore. Example: How many guns can Sam carry in Serious Sam 3: BFE? The simple answer is, "All the guns."

Another classic relic, thought lost in the era of modern day gaming included in the new Serious Sam adventure? Split screen multiplayer on PC.

Returning for the first time since the original game in the series, split screen Serious Sam 3 allows for up to four players to compete on a single computer, with the help of a mouse and keyboard setup and up to three connected gamepads.

All included versus and co-op modes will be available for the four-player mode, with indicators onscreen to relay the position of other Serious hunters, a press release revealed.