Bastion available on Steam August 16

Bastion kicked off this year's XBLA Summer of Arcade, but PC gamers won't have to wait much longer to play the indie hit. Developer Supergiant Games has announced that the game will hit Steam on August 16, and other digital distribution platforms later this year. It will cost $14.99.


This version will add 1080p resolution support, remapped controls for PC along with gamepad support, and Steamworks for your cloud saves, leaderboards, and achievements. The Steam page is open for pre-orders and lists the system requirements.

Supergiant Games has also released the Bastion soundtrack for $10 as a digital download. It includes music from the game, plus a new track titled The Pantheon (Ain’t Gonna Catch You). The CD ($15) will come out in September, but PAX Prime attendees can get it early at the event and have it signed by composer Darren Korb. Supergiant warns, though, that music is "key to the experience" of Bastion, so they recommend waiting until you've finished the game to listen to the soundtrack.

Bastion received a positive reception, including our own review, so it's an easy recommendation no matter which platform you choose to play it on.