Brink 'Agents of Change' DLC next week

The temporarily free "Agents of Change" downloadable content for Brink is due out on August 3, the company announced today. It will hit Steam, PlayStation Network, and Xbox Live simultaneously, and you can grab it at no-cost for the first two weeks. Pricing after that point hasn't been disclosed.


As previously reported, Agents of Change brings two new maps, five new abilities, two new weapon attachments, two new character outfits, and raises the level cap to 24. It had been scheduled for June, then early July, but better late than never, right?

Bethesda also announced the Agents of Change achievements, and a title update rolling out to PS3 and 360 players today. Most notably, it brings network improvements, tweaks to make your AI teammates a bit less daft, weapon balancing, and bug fixes. You can check out the full changelog at the link, but suffice to say it is vast.